Who we are

We are living in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world, in times of political uncertainty and technological acceleration, where insecure and chaotic zones coexist and clash with peace and order, creating complex challenges to individuals, states and the world as well.

We share the vison of Lisbon as a global city particularly suited to offer a space for reflecting, debating and intervening about relevant issues of the international agenda, from development and globalisation to security and sustainability, with a focus on Portugal and Europe.

It is our aim to increase knowledge, promote critical thinking and new perspectives to address global challenges, in order to influence political agendas and deepen the study and discussion of issues that affect our life in community and that impact on the sustainability of the planet and on the standards of living of future generations.

Why a club?

The Club of Lisbon was launched in December of 2016, as an outcome of the Lisbon Conferences project, an initiative of seven institutions, to which six individual members joined as founders of the Club of Lisbon.

Apart from collective and individual members living in Portugal, the Club of Lisbon also foresees the admission of members living abroad, regardless of their nationality. In terms of governing bodies, the Club of Lisbon includes a Strategic Council of advisory nature, composed by outstanding figures of political, academic, corporate, cultural and civil society spheres.


Statutes of the Club of Lisbon

Lisbon Conferences' Protocol 


(documents in Portuguese)

What we do

Lisbon conferences

Biennial event focused on global development



Lisbon Talks

Debates on relevant issues of the international agenda


Training workshops

Training activities on global issues, in partnership with other institutions



Other activities and partnerships

Other partnerships, such as the yearly ISCTE-IUL Summer School on Global Challenges.



Several publications with the results of our activites


Communication and information

Dissemination of global themes to our members and wider audiences


How we work

We function as a network platform, in connection with our members, who profit from and actively participate in the conception and implementation of our initiatives.

We maintain a close dialogue with Government authorities and the Lisbon Municipality and we work in partnership with foundations, think tanks, research centres as well as with other national and international entities relevant for our areas of work.

We develop our activity with and for a relevant number of decision makers, entrepreneurs, managers, academics, journalists, and other stakeholders concerned with our working areas, always aiming to foster youth engagement.


Strategic Council