Geopolicy meets Pandora’s Box

Geopolitical prospects were discussed in the panel about POWER. The world context after the 2008 financial crisis was analyzed, in which interdependence has become an undeniable fact and nationalism is still a constant feature. In a context where China feels the burden of competition to production, Saudi Arabia experiences an oil crisis and the new US administration is focused on “America first” (although protectionism in not new), Europa still resists to a centralized government and is immersed in its integration problems, including the Brexit process. As George Friedman pointed out in this session, we are in a world where the beautiful papers and analyzes produced in Brussels and Washington became irrelevant, and the narratives slip through our fingers in face of the acceleration and transformation of dynamics and realities. And if this is not the most comfortable position to be, the more uncomfortable it becomes as we feed the illusion of controlling the course of history.