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The acceleration of Global Change is increasingly affecting our environment and ways of life, with the future rushing into our present lives and forcing people, societies and political systems to cope with tomorrow’s realities – some of them hard to understand or even to notice

At a global scale, the adoption of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement, both in 2015, signalled an unprecedent awareness of the rising challenges and threats for Humankind and the Planet. Fulfilling these commitments depends, however, on the will and ability of countries, regions, communities, private and public institutions, families and individuals. Besides, acting is often difficult, namely regarding public goods – after all, why spend money or time when others might do the job?

Nevertheless, we are moving forward. Not only states but also big private companies and financial institutions are increasingly using the sustainable goals framework and targets in their strategic plans and current investment or lending operations. Whether moved by mission, economic interest or consumers’ preferences and citizens pressure, civil society and private players are acting, some of them faster than (and even despite of) their governments. In times of acceleration and uncertainty about ongoing global transformations, sustainability is no more a subject confined to a specific institution or sector, but a shared concern for all. Hence, that may signal a move from talking about actions to acting about talks

The 4th Lisbon Conference is focused on domains where the speed of change shortens the gap between the future and the present: Demographic Trends, Climate Change, Energy Transition, Digital Revolution, Inequality and Growth Models, Geopolitical Change, Societal Challenges. Themes within these domains are debated in the context of the pandemic and of the five pillars of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnerships




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Eight billion people, and so what?

The divergence over climate action: what energy for what future?

Fear as a political tool

The growth - inequality dilemma

Technological acceleration is shaping our lives

Liberal democracy and multilateralism under fire

What European Union for what brave new world?

From Game Boy to Covid-19: an open conversation amongst millennials


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