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The 5th edition of the Lisbon Conferences addressed change and challenges that are reshaping the World Order.

At the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century, major events are accelerating global transformations in the political, security, economic, social, technological, environmental spheres. Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine are two of such events, that add to others which might reverse huge achievements such as getting out millions from extreme poverty or jeopardizing climate agreements.

The post-World War II order, based on a set of international agreed rules, experienced a first cycle of 35 years where, within the framework of the East-West divide, multilateral institutions were created and expanded, and European integration     and decolonisation took place.

After the end of the cold war and of the Soviet Union, a second cycle was initiated, one in which globalisation expanded and deepened, neoliberal policies prevailed,  digital revolution accelerated, and China, with the banner of “one country, two systems”, became the second world economy, soon after the USA.

However, over the last few years, the world entered into a stage of climate emergency, income and wealth inequality accelerated globally and locally, regional powers are more assertive, identity fundamentalism boosted violent conflicts, and inflation and debt are again turning    into global threats.

After a brief unipolar moment, global and regional power competition for hegemony is becoming harsher, multilateralism is eroding, tensions and multipolar initiatives flourish, and a still diffuse new reality is on the making. Hence, this Conference addresses change and challenges that are reshaping the World Order.




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5th Lisbon Conference Panels

Opening Session


Security Threats

The hierarchy of wars: the good, the bad and the fashionable?

Globalisation: temporary deceleration or change of course?

Energy and climate emergency: how to manage a gordian knot?

International payments: money games, power games?

Digital revolution and surveillance: between angels and demons?

Special Talk: A conversation between members of two generations about global change

Closing Session

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