Want to join the Club of Lisbon?

The Club of Lisbon is a non-profit association, formed by individual and collective members who share the vision of Lisbon as a global city and as a space for reflection, debate and intervention on challenges and global changes and priority and fracturing issues on the international agenda. 
By becoming a member

  • You will have preferential access to the events and activities promoted by the Club;

  • You will receive regular information about our activities;

  • You will have preference in receiving paper editions of the Club's publications;

  • You will be invited to face-to-face meetings of the Club (reflection retreats);

  • You will be able to publish work and opinion articles in the Club's media (in accordance with the editorial guidelines). 

Members of the Club contribute to strengthening knowledge and debate on issues affecting the planet and societies. 

The annual contribution is 50 euros (regular members) or 25 euros (students) which, although symbolic, are amounts that contribute to the sustainability of the Club. 
Registration is done by sending a brief biography (between one and two paragraphs), or, if you consider more appropriate, a CV to cl@clubelisboa.pt 

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If you want to ask a specific question, contact us: cl@clubelisboa.pt