Geopolitics of Water, Water Security and Hydro-Diplomacy

Loïc Fauchon, that was also a former President of the Water Supply Company of Marseille and directly contributed to the organization of several World WaterFora, debated the theme, moderated by Rui Cardoso, a journalist with a long expertise on international and environmental issues. 

Questions such as why water is one of the crucial geopolitical issues today, which are the major water bound conflicts or whether diplomacy is being able to mediate contradictions, were some of the themes discussed in this Lisbon Speed Talk.

You can (re)watch the debate on Facebook and YouTube (direct links).

With the partnership of APDA.

The Lisbon Speed Talks are digital conversations about global change that affects our lives and societies, carried out by the Lisbon Club with the supposrt of Lisbon City Hall and Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr - IMVF.