Lisbon Speed Talk | What future for the Transatlantic Relations?

Will the outcome of North-American elections open up a new chapter for the relations between the European Union and the United States? Miguel Monjardino spoke with Luísa Meireles about the future of the Transatlantic relations. 

Miguel Monjardino is Visiting Professor of Geopolitics and Geostrategic at the Institute for Political Studies, Portuguese Catholic University, since 2001. He is the foreign affairs columnist of the newspaper Expresso and a political-military analyst with the cable news TV channel SIC-Notícias. In 2004, Miguel created the Republic, a Greek Classics programme for high-school students in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores. 

This Lisbon Speed Talk was in Portuguese. You can rewatch the debate on Facebook and YouTube (direct links).

The Lisbon Speed Talks are digital conversations about global change that affects our lives and societies, carried out by the Lisbon Club in partnership with Lisbon City Hall and Instituto Marquês de Valle Flor - IMVF.