Summer School Global Challenges | 27 SEP - 1 OCT

Global Challenges is a policy-oriented Summer School on the current challenges that shape and reconfigure the architecture of the global system.

This is an initiative organised and promoted by CEI-Iscte, in partnership with IMVF and the Club of Lisbon.


The Global Challenges Summer School (visit the site) is a 20-hours course, from 27 September to 1 October 2021, with 2 daily classes, from 18h00 to 20h00 and from 20h30 to 22h30. It is set to be an on-site course at Iscte (Lisbon), with the possibility of on-line participation, subject to registration. It works as an optional course for Iscte’s master students, but it is also open as a summer school, or specialization seminar.


Academic coordinator: Luís Nuno Rodrigues, director of the Master’s in International Studies, director of the CEI-Iscte, the Center for International Studies of Iscte – Lisbon University Institute.
Executive coordinator: Fernando Jorge Cardoso, integrated researcher of CEI-Iscte, head of Strategic and Development Studies of IMVF, executive director of the Club of Lisbon.


Applications as a specialisation seminar
The Summer School is open to any candidate – CV and letter of intention are needed. Those who assist 80% of the classes will receive a Certificate of Participation. Find out more about the application here.


Enrolment and fees
As an optional UC of the Iscte master’s in International Studies
   - for Iscte students enrolled in the master’s degree: no fee as they are choosing it within the scope of their study plan.

As a Specialization Seminar for other participants:
   - for Iscte students with active enrolment in another programme: 50 EUR (+ 25 EUR application fee + 10 EUR enrolment fee).

   - for Erasmus students: no fees.
   - for other international students’: fees dependent upon applicable regimes.
   - for the general public, outside Iscte: 100 EUR (+ 25 EUR application fee + 10 EUR registration fee).


Key dates
Applications: until 14 September.
Results: until 17 September.
Registration: until 22 September.


For further information (candidacy, costs, other) please