The Summer School on Global Challenges was held in ISCTE-IUL



The 5th edition of the Summer School on Global Challenges was held on 23-27 September 2019, focusing on the political, economic and security issues that shape and reconfigure the architecture of the international system. Its major goal was the analysis and understanding of the political and strategic framework that shape geopolitics, economy and international development as well and of the strategy of the major global actors.

This course had 35 students and 15 guest speakers. It is organised by a patnership between the Centre of International Studies​​​​​​​ of ISCTE-IUL, the Institute Marquês de Valle Flor and the Lisbon Club.


Seminars on: Geopolitics & Global Economy |  Energy Transition & Climate Change | Development Challenge | Global Security Threats | Integration & Nationalism in the EU