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This policy brief provides the following recommendations targeted at the international community, including the US. In relation to women’s rights: 1) The US to abide by its own laws; 2) Uphold international commitment to women’s rights; 3) Include a “real” gender lens to the peace process. Regarding justice and accountability: 1) Foreign support for the intra-Afghan peace talks to address grave crimes; 2) The West to step up (and speed up) its immigration policies.

What are, after all, the causes of the war in Cabo Delgado? Popular revolt against the government, sectarian terrorism or a natural resources curse? Essay by Fernando Jorge Cardoso.

This piece is adapted and enlarged from the one published in Portuguese, in Observador, on April 6th, 2021

Francisco Seixas da Costa and Patrícia Magalhães Ferreira

Whole-of-Government Approaches to External Conflict and Crises - Portugal

This article analyses the implementation of Whole-of-Government Approaches to External Conflict and Crises by Portugal, namely the relations between Defence/Security, Foreign Policy and Development Policy, how these are integrated in strategic and institucional frameworks and how these work in practice.

COVID-19 has had far-reaching effects all over the world, the most visible of which on the world economy and public health. Could it also have an impact on Europe-Africa relations? 

This article addresses the global geopolitical contexts and the development cooperation trends in which the current pandemic unfolds. It also debates its impact on the Europe-Africa relations and emphasizes proposals for changing the rationality of the partnership, making it less dependent on traditional univocal aid flows and more strategic and adapted to the increasingly global world in which we live and relate.